Saturday, 18 February 2012

Rainy day angel

As we all know, many areas of the land of Oz have experienced a plethora of rainfall. Needless to say, mother nature knows best and has provided this land with some water. Anyway, back to telling you about my rainy day angel... As I walked outside during my lunch break, thinking that the rain had cleared, I stood at the pedestrian crossing waiting for the green man to flash. All of a sudden the heavens opened up, I had no umbrella... Within a few seconds, I was approached by a young lady who offered to share her umbrella with me. She was am absolute angel, who did a simple act to make me smile! Thank you :)

A simple act can bring much greatfulness

While waiting in the shopping line that I had been waiting in for 10min, a lady stood behind me and I turned to see that she had her hands full and several screaming, wrestless children and appeared very stressed. I looked at her and offered for her to go before me. She was so greatful that she offered to buy me a coffee. I said that there was no need but the offer was kind. I then said that she could repay me by doing something kind for another person and she smiled at the greatness of what had just happened.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Friday Smile!

Today on my way to work I saw something that brought a smile to my face. As I was walking down the stairs of the train station a man passed me with a fluffy white kitten on his shoulder. It's like the kitten handed me one of our smile cards. It was truly something worth smiling about😄

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A day at "Lifeline"

Over the Christmas period I decided to bring a smile to the face's of the selfless people who dedicate their time and effort to volunteering at the Lifeline secondhand store in Cairns. The ladies were so greatful to have an extra hand folding sheets and curtains but I think they were more fascinated with how curly my hair was. None the less, whether it was the number of curtains I folded or the hair product I used to make my curls extra curly it still brought a smile to those wonderful ladies' faces! So yes, my hair made someone smile!
Everything is more fun with a friend. Even the smallest things can and will make you giggle. Like school girls.

Tonight was an adventure and a feel good way to celebrate 'hump day'.

Stop 1. Doing the groceries with children in tow can bring even the most laid-back parent to tears. To bring a smile to a tired parent/babysitter/sibling/grandparent and hopefully improve their morning we left a small gift of $2 and a message to "have a wiggly good time".
Stop 2. If we are honest, nobody likes paying for parking. We left a suprise for one shopper... "just because".
Stop 3. Finishing work at 11pm after spending 8 or so helping people who are experiencing stressful and traumatic experiences is draining. Insurance call-centre workers do not get the recognition they deserve for giving so many people peace of mind in these moments. We just wanted to say thankyou and leave you a small token of happiness to greet you after an emotionally draining nights work.
Stop 4. Not everyone is so fortunate to have clothes on their back and blankets to keep them warm. The amazing people who donate their time to charities sorting out the bags and bags of clothes and items donated deserve to be thanked. Children growing up should have books and comics to put a smile on their face. We have donated items to contribute to the "Cancer and Bowel Research Association" and left a note to the volunteers to thank them for their kindness.
ASecretSmile :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

ASecretSmile- Find a way to make another person's day : )

How much energy does it take for one to smile? and if we tried to improve a stranger's life by smiling, how much more energy would that produce? I often wonder if we added all the world's smiling energy together, how much energy would surround us?

ASecretSmile is a way to share your story of how you made someone smile today or how you improved the life of a stranger. Imagine if we could all carry the vision with us day in and day out by giving a complete stranger a reason to smile. Imagine the impact this would have...

Share your kindness with the intention of giving and letting the positive energy flow on from the receiver of your kindness to another person. We'd love for you to share with us your experiences by writing a short blog on our blogpage about how you made a difference to a stranger's life today.

Just remember that kindness is in our power, it can be shared with anyone.

Please write to ASecretSmile, tell ASecretSmile how you made someone's day. Just by writing a blog or commenting, you may just make the day of the next person who reads your post!

ASecretSmile : )